Educational Initiatives

For Students

Department of Innovative Pharmaceutics, Medical Equipment and Biotechnology

In 2011 the new Department of Innovative Pharmaceutics and Biotechnology was created at MIPT in order to train innovative entrepreneurs in the field of life sciences. In 2015 the department was transformed into an interfaculty department for the faculty of biological and medical physics and the faculty of radiotechnics and cybernetics at MIPT – ‘Innovative Pharmaceutics, Medical Equipment and Biotechnology’.

The main feature of the department is that it provides training within current innovative business projects run by members of the Nothern BioPharmCluster.

The department is led by Andrei A. Ivaschenko, D.Sc. in Engineering, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Life Sciences Center at MIPT, member of the Supervisory Committee for MIPT, honorary professor at MIPT, alumnus of the Faculty of Radiotechnics and Cybernetics.

Faculty: Biological and Medical Physics

Head of the Department of Biological and Medical Physics

In 2012 in order to systematise life science education MIPT signed a decree on opening a faculty of biological and medical physics in association with the Northern BPC. The new faculty is designed to train professionals in physics, biology, chemistry who would also be competent enough in the field of medicine to work at the intersection of disciplines. The 21st century is already dubbed a century of life sciences, since these fields are currently going through active technologisation caused by achievements in sequencing the human genome and microorganisms. Medicine provides more opportunities to apply the new technologies than any other field. Education at the Faculty of biological and medical physics is in line with modern development tendencies in medicine.

BioBusiness-Incubator (2012-2015), a community hub for launching innovative start-ups

On 15 May 2012, prior to opening the new biopharmaceutical building, the Northern BioPharmCluster launched a BioBusiness Incubator at MIPT with a view to develop a model of collaboration between science and industry. Up until the spring of 2015 when the laboratories started moving to the new building, BBI served as a point of attraction for all innovation-based activities in the field of life sciences for members of the Northern BPC. It served as a platform for the first corporate and faculty laboratories, as well as the first innovative enterprises working in the field of life sciences. BBI became a starting point for young innovative entrepreneurs and their ambitious projects and a venue for discussions on developing biotechnologies as a whole.

The Northern BioPharmCluster initiates released-time classes at MIPT

The Northern BPC promotes open extra lectures at MIPT for students and members of staff. The premises of the Life Sciences Center at MIPT are regularly used as venues for meetings and workshops with experts from the field in order to promote current trends in life sciences and to increase available data on high-tech-based entrepreneurship and innovative businesses in Russia. So far MIPT has hosted lectures by Mikhail Murashko (Head of the Federal Service for the Supervision of Public Health and Social Development), Marcos Pinotti (a course on bionics, Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brasil), Richard Johns (Bone Marrow Transplant Program Co-Director at Johns Hopkins University, USA) and many other scientists and healthcare officials.

Yuri Milyukov reading his Business for Dummies course

Valery Boyaritsev, Head of the Specialised Medical Equipment, Technology and Pharmaceutics Laboratory, with a lecture on astronauts’ health

For Scientists


In 2013 Biopharmaceutical Cluster ‘Northern’ rapidly develops its educational activities. The MIPT BioBusiness-Incubator serves as a venue for lectures by renowned scientists from all over the world, and many of them become adjunct professors at MIPT. Over the years of its existence the Cluster hosted over 100 open lectures and workshops.

The chairman of the academic board of the cell and molecular technologies laboratory and an adjunct professor at MIPT, Augustinus Bader (Germany) reads at MIPT several times a year

Simon Matskeplishvili (USA, Russia) is awarded a diploma of an adjunct-professor at MIPT after reading a lecture on mobile apps in medicine

College Dean at USC Charles McKenna (USA) presents a course on innovative click chemistry at MIPT

Genome Center launch

Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov and Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova launched genome and cell centres at MIPT on 18 November 2013. Among other guests were Sergey Tsyb, Deputy Industry and Trade Minister, Sergei Krayevoi, Deputy Health Minister, MIPT President Nikolai Kudryavtsev, a member of the Supervisory Committee at MIPT Andrei Ivaschenko, managers and partners of the Northern BPC and other VIP guests. The genome and cell centres at MIPT were created for conducting cutting edge research in such areas of personalised medicine as genomics, cell biology and tissue engineering. Members of the Northern BPC and its partners successfully use the facilities for their research projects. The infrastructure is currently used by more than seven research teams. These centres have helped to develop diagnostic platforms for detection of rare genetic conditions, identification of tumour drug resistance, researchers are working on developing wound dressings based on cellular technologies and many other projects.

For Gifted Kids

Opening of Kapitsa school specialising in physics and technology

On 1 September under the auspices of the Northern BPC a new building for Kapitsa’s Physics and Technology school was opened in Dolgoprudny. Governor of Moscow Region Andrei Vorobyov gave a speech at the opening ceremony congratulating its students and teachers. Further plans for development of the school include opening a boarding school where gifted children from all over the country will be able to live and learn from the best science teachers, some of whom also work for MIPT.

Moreover, the Northern BPC has helped develop the concepts of school laboratories and training programmes for high school students in life sciences with an opportunity to do internships in operating laboratories of the Life Sciences Center at MIPT.