Northern BioPharmCluster

The Biopharmaceutical cluster ‘Northern’ The Biopharmaceutical cluster “Northern” (BPCN) is an association of leading businesses of the Russian pharmaceutical and medical industries, research and medical institutions, and small innovation-based enterprises of the Moscow region.

BPCN was created within the development strategy for the pharmaceutical industry in Russia covering the period until 2020 (Pharma-2020) in 2010.

The main mission of the Northern BPC is to assure a transition of pharmaceutical and medical industry of Moscow region to an innovation-based development model by means of combining the potential and expertise of the organizations within the Cluster.

One of the Cluster development approaches is the creation of a belt of startups and corporate laboratories in the field of life sciences on the basis of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, as well as the implementation of joint projects between the Cluster members.

The scope of BPCN activities includes:

  • Integration of academic and applied science and high-tech business in the pharmaceutical and medical industries
  • Creation of ecosystem for startups incubation and acceleration
  • Fund-raising for BPCN members joint projects and startups
  • Development and modernization of infrastructure and material and technical base of the Cluster participants necessary for the development and implementation of innovative pharmaceutical and medical products
  • Long-time learning educational and training programs
  • International relationship and multilateral cooperation

In 2012, BPCN was recognized as one of the leading innovational regional clusters of Russia. In 2017 , BPCN with other organizations established NeuroNet – Russia new initiative for supporting breakthrough research ant technological projects in neurotechnology area.

BPCN members, associate members and partners are:

  • MIPT
  • Martinex Group
  • Moscow Region National Research and Treatment Institute N.A. M.F. Vladimirsky
  • FSBI "National Medical Research Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and perinatology named after academician V.I. Kulakova Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • FSBI "NIIRTS" Ministry of Health of Russia
  • The First Moscow State Medical University N.A. Sechenov
  • State Research Centre NIOPIC
  • NPC "Pharmaceutical Protection"
  • KSI Ventures
  • NeuroChat etc.

Since 2018, BPCN has been actively developing international cooperation in the interests of its participants, including the countries of Asia, Latin America and Africa.

Supervisory Board

Nikolai N. Kudryavtsev, Head of the Supervisory Board at Biopharmaceutical Cluster Northern, President of MIPT

“The world’s pharmaceutical industry is currently trying to solve a most challenging problem and to pass the ‘death valley’ between promising fundamental developments and their transformation into real commercial items. To solve this problem we need a close cooperation of science, education and industry. MIPT is currently building a research and education complex where we are hoping to create such a multidisciplinary community. MIPT has been promoting life sciences physics for a long time and we are convinced that we will be able to create a good environment for bringing together physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry and medicine at the forefront of modern sciences. Ensuring discussions between experts of different generations is another step towards this objective”.

Executive Team

Oleg M. Korzinov, NPO Development Centre for the Northern Biopharmaceutical Cluster, Executive Director

“I sincerely hope that since the creation of the Northern BioPharmCluster you have been able to appreciate the advantages of cooperation in the field of science and technology and have had unique experience of starting cross-disciplinary projects involving young and talented professionals from MIPT. As for us, we have managed to attract an impressive variety of partners and projects to the cluster, which has expanded our knowledge and expertise, and also extend the list of services we can offer to our residents. Owing to the Northern BioPharmCluster, MIPT now has a Life Sciences Center which combines several research teams working on medical equipment and over 20 laboratories covering the entire process of developing new drugs. There is also a business accelerator in order to help start-ups develop and introduce new products to the market”.

Members of the Supervisory Board "Northern" BioPharmCluster at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

Andrei A. Ivaschenko, Member of the Supervisory Committee for the Northern BioPharmCluster, member of the Supervisory Committee for MIPT, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the ChemRar High-Tech Center

“The Northern Biopharmaceutical Cluster has travelled a long way over the last years. We have witnessed rapid development of life sciences around MIPT owing to the Pharma-2020 state programme initiated by the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry in 2010. The founders of the cluster – MIPT and its corporate partners (GC Protek, NPO ChemRar High-Tech Center, OJSC Akrikhin, and Federal Research Centre Pharmzaschita) established a new model for integrating science and innovative business on the basis of a leading technical university. We have passed the first stage and obtained some priceless experience in creating an innovative system in the recent history of Russia. This experience is going to be replicated and used as a model for creating many more innovative clusters.

Further development plans for the Northern BPC include creating a university hospital and specialised technoparks within walking distance from the MIPT campus. This can be achieved through a balanced development of MIPT as a 21st century university. Right now this leading higher education institution is turning into a world-class research and innovation centre and a player within innovation-based economy.”

Vadim Yakunin, Chairman of the Board of Directors of OJSC “Protek”

Ivan Tyulyaev, First Vice-President of OJSC “Akrihin”

Viktor Nazarov, Deputy head of the Federal Medical Biological Agency

Vadim Govorun, Head of the FSBIS CRI of Physical-Chemical Medicine FMBA of Russia

PhystechBio Conferences

In May 2011 the Northern BioPharmCluster held its first conference – Models of innovative development in pharmaceutical and medical industry on the basis of integration of University science and industry. The conference later became annual and changed its name to PhystechBio. Over the years it has welcomed such distinguished guests as Michael Levitt, Robert Huber, Barry Sharpless, cosmonaut and Hero of Russia Sergey Krikalyov, Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov, Russian Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova, Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Sergey Tsyb, Deputy Education and Science Minister Lyudmila Ogorodova, representatives of the Government of Moscow and Moscow Region and of the local administration of Dolgoprudny, renowned biologists, doctors, leading life sciences experts from Russia and abroad.

The fourth International PhystechBio-2014 conference organised by the Northern Biopharmcluster and MIPT welcomed winners of Nobel prize in chemistry Michael Levitt (USA) and Robert Huber (Germany). During their visits these distinguished guests gave plenary lectures, had a closer look at the innovative infrastructure of the Life Sciences Center at MIPT and gave their own views on the prospects of development of life science studies in the near future.

An anniversary year PhystechBio-2015 conference gathers over 500 guests from all over the world. During the conference the head of the Young Professionals programme of the Strategic Initiatives Agency, Dmitry Peskov, made one of the first presentations of the National technological initiative. Deputy Education and Science Minister Lyudmila Ogorodova held an offsite meeting on issues of development of neurotechnologies in Russia. This conference was the first one at MIPT to have separate sections on neurotechnologies and agrobiotechnologies. All guests were invited on a tour around the new MIPT biopharmaceutical building which was about to be launched.

In 2016 PhystechBio conference collaborates with 21st International Charles Heidelberger Symposium on Cancer Research (21st ICHSCR).

BioPharm Building

The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of a new biopharmaceutical building took place on 3 June 2011 at MIPT. It included laying a commemorative capsule with a message to future generations of students. The ceremony was attended by Industry and Trade Minister Victor Khristenko, Deputy Minister of Health and Social Development Veronika Skvortsova, representatives of the Russian Education and Science Ministries, and the heads of the member organisations of the Northern BPC.

In 2015 MIPT launched a new biopharmaceutical building. The building is the first finished construction of the innovative infrastructure within the Pharma-2020 Federal Target Programme. The total area of the building is around 11,000 sq.m. The laboratories of the Life Sciences Center were moved to the new building and after the installation and adjustment of the complex equipment, the building hosted the first lectures for MIPT students.